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The Progression to Excellence session was simply excellent. I envisage growth of between 20-50% after this seminar. Julian – Manager

Very Enlightening making behaviour change and improvement possible. I see a 30% growth for my organisation and wish more executives attended. Mercy – Senior Manager

The session was educative making a positive impact overall. Polly – Associate Director

Excellent and very insightful giving 10 out of 10. Would love to have a more detailed longer presentation. Faith – HR Manager

An eye opener session presented by Vijay. I anticipate a 20% growth after this seminar. John - Manager

This session was highly informative and for sure it will make a huge impact on excellence. After this session, I see growth of 30% in my organisation. John – Associate Director

High growth and improvement, very informative and would love to have deeper sessions. Hannah – Associate Director

I had the pleasure of having the services of Vijay recently as I am in the process of starting a new venture and wanted to give it every chance of success. I know that Vijay is a very pragmatic and resourceful person so was intrigued to know his perspective on how to achieve maximum success for my new project. Vijay is very methodical in his approach having sent me a list of questions he said would help him to build his coaching/mentoring to my specific needs. On the day we met for our initial meeting, Vijay and I went over the questions/answers on the form he sent in full detail with further discussion on each topic, this process with very insightful and gave me a lot to consider. Vijay has a talent in projecting a vision of a highly successful operation with targets and goals that Vijay helps to set out with consultation. After further discussion, analysis of opportunities, marketing solutions and forecasting of targets, we agreed on a combined vision for the companies short term and long term future with a clear roadmap on how to get there. I will be happy to continue to work with Vijay to ensure we stay on track to achieve the successes we have charted together. Thank you Vijay, you have truly inspired me! Khan, Managing Director 

The Progression to Excellence session was simply excellent and expect a 20% growth after this seminar. Devis – Knowledge Manager

The futuristic thinker session was uplifting, inspiring and introspective. 10 out of 10 feeling empowered and motivated. Gichuhi – Executive

The Progression to Excellence was very good and expect a 25% growth in our business. Bagda – Bagda Auto Spares, MD/ CEO

The Progression to Excellence session was excellent and expect 3 fold growth by 2020. Simon – Operations Director

Very informative and thoughtful session. Expect a 30% growth in my business after this session. S Parmar – MD

The session was super and very informative. I would expect a growth of 15-20% in my business. Dr Patel – Director

The session was very informative and anticipate growth of 20% plus after this session. C Shah – Chairman

I am going away with immense satisfaction and the best learning. In one word, brilliant. Very practical, very inspiring workshop and very few people share so much. Participant – Futuristic Thinker Seminar

Excellent and professional. Brilliant effort to transform management skills and motivation. 10 out of 10. Participant – Futuristic Thinker

It has really given me impetus to change and found the game changing workshop very interesting and benefiting multiple situations. Excellent delivery and lot of empathy. Narration of examples helped to grasp respective growth advancement principles. Participant – Futuristic Thinker

The workshop was absolutely enlightening. Personally and professionally. I was feeling like I was in sticky sand; Not knowing on the direction to take. But after the session, I have now got a direction in life. Thank you. 10 out of 10, excellent delivery. Participant – Futuristic Thinker

The 3 things making an impact out of this workshop – Vision, discipline and purpose. Wonderful workshop. Dinesh Verma – F.C.

This is very much required in today’s world. Excellent speaker – God Bless! Participant – Futuristic Thinker

In the past, I had not learnt anything on futuristic thinking. I now feel reborn on focus. Excellent speaker and workshop making a 10 out of 10 impact. Participant – Futuristic Thinker

Keep up the spirit. Excellent speaker and rate this a 10 out of 10 workshop. L Shah

The presentations were excellent and done very effectively. Excellent speaker 10/10. R Sangrajka

The Vision, 7 E’s framework and step by step process make a profound impact in my journey. Excellent material. H Dodha - Board Member