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Leading with Excellence

Business Growth Experts

Rentadirector is a registered company in the UK. Our corporate training programs have been awarded green light status from the UK Trade and Investment. We have conducted workshops globally on leadership, financial mastery as well as consulted and coached Companies in various sectors. All our programs, coaching and workshops come with a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

We have helped many organisations align and upscale their operations and have over two decades of experience which includes increasing revenues and growth up to 20 fold.

With over 200 testimonials, our programs, workshops, coaching and consulting exhibit the reality of being flexible at all levels yet have the latest know how and skills to drive growth in all areas.

Rentadirector's core vision is to see leaders, entrepreneurs, directors and executives achieve high standards of excellence in everything they do and scale up with ease.

Vijay Mistri, Founder and CEO and Global Partner of Xylem Group. He serves in companies in different capacities including, Non-Executive Director, Executive Coach, Business Growth Expert and facilitates retreats both virtual and in person.

He has authored and developed 7 Corporate Training Programs which have Greenlight Status Award from the UK Trade and Investment. These programs include Progression to Excellence, Ultimate Governance Mastery, Achieving Boardroom Excellence, Business Excellence Blueprint, Finance for Directors and Executives (for Profit Organisation and for Non-Profit Organisation) and Business Fraud. These programs are applicable to all sectors and are widely used globally.

Vijay has conducted many seminars and spoken in various conferences which has resulted in exponential growth to participants globally.

Using his 7 in 1 Progression to Excellence Retainer Package and other services, Vijay has helped many businesses scale up which has led to their growth of up to 20-fold.

He is MBA in Fin., a Fellow member of two accounting bodies and a Policy GovernanceĀ® Consultant (only around 300 worldwide).

During this pandemic, Vijay has remotely coached over a hundred CEOs, Executives and Leaders leading to them having a clear navigational path and self-mastery.

Vijay shares regular personal and business growth insights on his Youtube channel which has over 150 videos.

Sohin Shah, Executive Director has worked for many industries in different sectors at a senior executive role. With his skills in governance, strategy, risk, finance, and operations, he has been instrumental in driving revenue growth by a CAGR of 38% and quadrupling the EBITDA.

Innovation and transformation are key focus points for Sohin which led to one industry increasing capacity by 120% in 6 months through automation. His sound negotiation skills have further led to a company securing finance of $35 million for expansion purposes, and also reducing interest on the loans by $1.8million annually. His skills in kaizen and lean management have also helped to reduce costs and overheads by almost 12%.

Sohin has also been an active board member helping various boards in making highly effective decisions. Sohin is a professional accountant having been awarded top world-class performance in the professional space and serves in the ACCA Board Advisory committee. He is passionate to see companies adapt easily to rapid global changes and having a strong leadership pipeline. Specialises in: Finance Management, Strategy, Raising Finance, Governance, Culture, Succession Planning, Leadership, Lean Management, Business growth, Risk Management, Business Coaching.

Please email: [email protected] for a free session on crafting a powerful navigational road map for your business.

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